San Diego Windshield Replacement

San Diego Windshield Replacement...Who to Choose? When it comes to San Diego windshield replacement shops, you'll find you have a lot of options. It's overwhelming to sift through shops that seemingly are offering the same thing. Here at Gold Coast Auto Glass however. We're different, we're a local business. Our experience as a family owned San Diego auto glass and windshield repair and replacement will help to determine whether your auto glass can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced. Power Windshield Replacement We specialize in power window diagnostics and repairs on all types of... [...]

Rainproofing Your Windshield for Spring

Here is a scenario that happens frequently. You are driving down a city street, country road, or the highway. A rock slams against your windshield and causes a major crack. It starts to rain. You realize that water is leaking through the cracked windshield. How do you decide between windshield replacement or windshield repair? Should you simply settle for rainproofing a cracked windshield. The fact is that most drivers are more concerned about saving money. Therefore, they opt for the less expensive alternative. They decide to rainproof their windshield with some gizmo that they buy at the... [...]
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