How to Clean Your Car Windows to a Streak-Free Shine

Tired of Streaks on Your Car Windows?

We have all experienced it at some point in our lives before. You just get finished washing your car, and everything looks great, except for those pesky streaks that you can’t seem to get rid of! Maybe you get rid of one, and end up making another one in the process. Well stress no more! Although getting that perfect streak free shine can seem next to impossible, there are a couple tricks of the trade that will get the task done in no time!

Step 1: Understanding What Causes Streaks

Streaks typically appear as a result of improper cleaning.  Whether you ran it through a car wash, washed it by hand, or even just used the windshield wipers.  The two main culprits of streaks are buildup on the windshield itself, or dirt and contaminants that are in the water combined with the water not being completely removed from the car windows.  Even if your windows are cleaned properly, if ALL of the water is not completely removed, there may be a residue left behind.  The next steps will walk us through the procedure to avoid this.

Step 2: Preparation

As with everything in life, the key to success is proper planning.  Fortunately, for our task at hand today, preparation is simple.  You will need only a couple items.
  • Glass Cleaner of your choice
  • At least 2-3 Microfiber rags (depending on level of soil)
Were you expecting more?  The secret to success here is actually having multiple, CLEAN microfiber rags.  Microfiber has unique properties to it that attract dirt to it and lock it in, as well as the ability to hold ten times its weight in water!

Step 3: Cleaning

There are keys to making this work.  They are relatively simple, but important.  The first key is, always keep one rag dry.  You have one wet rag, and one dry rag.  Think of the second rag as just a “buffing” rag.  The second key is, to make sure that you get the car windows very clean before your buffing rag touches the glass.  If you get dirt on your buffing rag, be sure to fold it a different direction immediately, and don’t use the contaminated portion.  Also, be sure to fold both of your rags in fourths before starting.  This allows you to flip the rag and continuously have a clean surface to wipe with.  If you skip this step, and try to clean your car windows with a dirty rag, expect to have dirt left behind!


So, I am sure many of you might ask about using newspapers, or chamois cloths.  The answer is, you can really use whatever you want, as long as it absorbs water well, is LINT free, and you keep a clean wiping surface!  I personally prefer the microfiber cloths, but have definitely used that latter as well to great results! Have some different methods or tips?  Be sure to comment, and share advice!